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Twitter Reaches 44.5 Million People Worldwide In June

Posted by mohan desai on ઓગસ્ટ 4, 2009

Twitter is now using almost all people, Twitter get huge popularity with its 140 chart. words, Now days twitter is important part of our daily work,

Good news for twitter user now twitter Reaches 44.5 million people worldwide in jun 2009, this is realy big amount of people which twitter get,
Now Twitter get 44.5 million unique visitors, 20 million visitors coming from the U.S. and 55% from international,
According to comScore twitter is on No.52 largest site in the world it is Bigger than ESPN.

These counting is only for visitors who is visiting Twitter.COM, but half of the people not even visiting website they are using twitter app to tweets, now imagine if all this user who is not visiting twitter.com if they visit twitter than?

source: TechCrunch


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Twitter launches new homepage

Posted by mohan desai on જુલાઇ 29, 2009

Twitter has just launched its anticipated new homepage design. As expected, the new homepage is all about search and trending topics. The new shiny blue facade features a search field that takes center stage and also breaks down trending topics into three main sections: popular topics right now, popular topics today and popular topics this week. In order to see the new homepage, you must logout and log back into the site.
When you select a trending topic from the homepage it brings up the most recent tweets mentioning that topic. Unfortunately, you have to manually refresh the page to view the most recent tweets. I was hoping Twitter would dynamically update the search like Friendfeed does but that is not the case.
Here, the “Google Voice” trend has a definition on its search page – which is identical to What the Trend’s definition below:

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How to add a retweet button in your blog

Posted by mohan desai on જુલાઇ 29, 2009

We all know the power of twitter, now a day’s twitter is more popular around the world Twitter a micro blogging concept is great source of traffic, like digg this retweet button is made for blog to encourage visitors to send your content on twitter, more retweet means more traffic, Use below given java script, it is so easy to add in templates just follow the step,
Note: first take backup of your templates,

Follow these simple steps:

1. Go to Layout->Edit Html

2. Download Full Template

3. Check the Expand Widget Templates

4. Search for the code below:

search for this line and paste the below code after it (this will show the button in top of your post, for showing the button in the end of post add it after that line)

For a Large button use this code:

tweetmeme_url = ”;tweetmeme_source = ‘mohitmohan’;

tweetmeme_url =
”;tweetmeme_source =

For a small button use this code:

tweetmeme_style = “compact”;tweetmeme_source = ‘mohitmohan’;

tweetmeme_style =
“compact”;tweetmeme_source = ‘mohitmohan’;

Now remember to chacnge mohitmohan with your Twitter username, so that you can know who has tweeted your article.

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twitter is banned in Japan

Posted by mohan desai on જુલાઇ 29, 2009

we all know the power of twitter now allmost twitter is used in all the countries and twitter has really changed our life with its 140 char word, we have already see the how twitter played major role in American president voting and Mr.Barack Obama is won that voting, they used the power of twitter and won that voting, now latest news comes that Japanese government has banned the use of twitter by the country’s politicians in the run up to next month’s elections, in Japan there is election in next month and that’s the reason Japanese government has declared to band on politicians to use of twitter in japans’ next voting,
what did you think about this that twitter is help or hurts in elections?

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The Top Ten Twitter Celebrities who should Follow

Posted by mohan desai on મે 21, 2009

New in twitter?
No follower?

Hope few of you thinking about this that how to get more followers? The answer is so simple read this post.
The Top Ten Twitter Celebrities Include People Like Barrack Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lance Armstrong. Twitter has grown exponentially since its creation, with the micro blogging service now hosting roughly 8 million unique users

Given such popularity, it’s almost inevitable that celebrities and luminaries would utilize it as a Platform to promo their work & stuff

follow me (http://twitter.com/mohitmohan)

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