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Top 10 proxy sites

Posted by mohan desai on ઓગસ્ટ 11, 2009

I am posting a list of proxy sites which can be used to browse Orkut, Myspace, Yahoo, YouTube and other social networking websites which are generally banned in schools, colleges and companies.


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How to View Opera Cache

Posted by mohan desai on ઓગસ્ટ 9, 2009

All browsers have cache, which saves web pages and its elements on your computer so that you can access the same page faster when you open it next time.

But this cache is not visible by default, and you cannot see what items are stored in it. This problem can be solved with a freeware that lets you browse through your Opera browser cache.

Opera Cache Viewer displays the list of all files stored in Opera’s cache (fetches them from the cache folder). It also shows when it was last accessed, modified and its file size. You can also save any files that you missed while browsing that website.

LINK: Download Opera Cache Viewer

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Get Information about a Website with LinkExtend Firefox Extension

Posted by mohan desai on ઓગસ્ટ 4, 2009

If you Visit any new site you don’t know anything about that site than it is better to know about it now this is possible with Firefox Extension ,

LinkExtend is Firefox Extension that provides in-depth information for the site you are currently visiting such as meta-site-ratings for computer safety, child safety, company ethics, and popularity. It also provides you with other information like Page Rank, Visitor Stats, Similar stats etc.

Some of the information it displays are

  • Safety – Informs you if a web page is malicious, sends spam, contains spyware, online scams, identity theft, and more
  • Ethics – Rates ethical behavior of a site’s company including social responsibility, business practices, environmental impact, etc.
  • Page Rank – Represents how important a page is on the web, based on the Google link analysis algorithm, ranked from zero to ten
  • Site Traffic – Shows you how popular a site is, based on the average page views and users for a particular site or web page
  • Links – Access the links and titles in a web page without having to open the page itself (also shows the link titles and favicons)
  • Super Search! – Over 200 top search engines offer Answers, Books, Health, Jobs, Multimedia, News, People, Shopping and more

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Track or Trace Any Mobile Number In India

Posted by mohan desai on ઓગસ્ટ 4, 2009

Now we can trace any mobile number in India, as we all know that landline number we can easily find with the help of telephone directories,
But for mobile number TRAI (Telephone Regulatory Authority of India) made it very secure and instructed all mobile phone operators not to reveal any mobile number information related to user’s identification. It used to be almost impossible to track or trace any mobile number to find the owner, location or address details.
For this there is some website available who help you to get Details about mobile number, You have to just visit this website and enter number which you want to trace ,than you will get all information regarding mobile number

link : track or trace any mobile number

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How to download HD video from youtube

Posted by mohan desai on ઓગસ્ટ 1, 2009

Youtube is one of the major site to watch free videos, but ther is no option to download videos, but there are some site available which offer you to download videos from youtube,

Keephd is a sweet tool that lets you download HD videos off Youtube! Not only can you download HD copies of your movies, you can also download the mobile 3GP version for your mobile devices plus the standard MP4 and FLV format. Just enter your Youtube video URL, and Keephd will automatically grab each version of the video you want to download.

this is realy good feauter of this site so enjoy

links: Keephd

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Complete List of Free Online Free PDF to Word Convertors

Posted by mohan desai on જુલાઇ 31, 2009

Many a times you may want to convert a document
that you have in Adobe pdf format
to a much simpler format like Word or RTF or plain text. Previously you had to install some software’s
on your machine and then run the converter and the software’s
used to be filled with Trojans and viruses. But, now you have a new breed of Online PDF to Word converters and here is the list of all the services:

Most of these online services
allow you to upload the pdf file and then give your mail ID to which the converted word file will be mailed after the successful conversion.

The last website on the list has a different approach, it has a series of online wizard screens (6 of them) and you choose whether you need the images to be embedded or footer to be included , etc and finally you will need to mail the pdf with the settings to a specified mail Id.

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Delete Recycle Bin from Windows Desktop

Posted by mohan desai on જુલાઇ 30, 2009

i am not using my recycle bin and am use to delete files permanently by using shortcut Shift + Delete. So, Recycle Bin is just a kind of Desktop mess to me… If you are also the one who do not use Recycle bin and want to clear it out, the just follow the following steps to remove Recycle bin.

  • Press Windows Key + R. This will open Windows RUN Dialog box.
  • Write in regedit and press enter.
  • Navigate to following key-
  • Find and delete the following key in Namespace folder

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Posted by mohan desai on જૂન 13, 2009

To prevent a drive or any combination of drives from appearing in My Computer, Windows Explorer and/or Internet Explorer, for security purposes in a multiuser environment,
This works with all Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/ME/XP/vista releases.
if you own the computer or have Administrator privileges, add/modify the “NoDrives” (don’t type the quotation marks) Binary [REG_BINARY] hex or DWORD [REG_DWORD] value under this Registry key, using Regedit:

Code:HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\ExplorerGive it a value from the list below to hide the individual drive(s) of your choice (don’t type the spaces for Binary):
Code:Drive Letter —> Binary Value —> DWORD Value
A —> 01 00 00 00 —> 00000001 B —> 02 00 00 00 —> 00000002 C —> 04 00 00 00 —> 00000004 D —> 08 00 00 00 —> 00000008 E —> 10 00 00 00 —> 00000010 F —> 20 00 00 00 —> 00000020 G —> 40 00 00 00 —> 00000040 H —> 80 00 00 00 —> 00000080 I —> 00 01 00 00 —> 00000100 J —> 00 02 00 00 —> 00000200 K —> 00 04 00 00 —> 00000400 L —> 00 08 00 00 —> 00000800 M —> 00 10 00 00 —> 00001000 N —> 00 20 00 00 —> 00002000 O —> 00 40 00 00 —> 00004000 P —> 00 80 00 00 —> 00008000 Q —> 00 00 01 00 —> 00010000 R —> 00 00 02 00 —> 00020000 S —> 00 00 04 00 —> 00040000 T —> 00 00 08 00 —> 00080000 U —> 00 00 10 00 —> 00100000 V —> 00 00 20 00 —> 00200000 W —> 00 00 40 00 —> 00400000 X —> 00 00 80 00 —> 00800000 Y —> 00 00 00 01 —> 01000000 Z —> 00 00 00 02 —> 02000000
Code:To hide drives D, E, Y and Z give “NoDrives” this Binary value:
18 00 00 03
Where: D + E = 18 and Y + Z = 03 (cumulative values).
NOTE: These numbers are in HEXadecimal. Example: to hide drives A, B, C and D, use 0F, NOT 15, when cumulating multiple drives.
Show all drives (A to Z) “NoDrives” Binary value:
00 00 00 00
Hide all drives (A to Z) “NoDrives” Binary value:
ff ff ff 03You can also do this by using TweakUI, one of the Microsoft Power Toys for Windows 9x/NT4/2000/ME + MS IE 4/5/6 [110 KB, free, unsupported].Use TweakUI with caution,ONLY AFTER BACKING UP YOUR REGISTRY!
Open Control Panel -> TweakUI -> My Computer tab -> check to show or uncheck to hide the desired drive boxes -> click OK/Apply.Windows default is to show ALL local and remote (network) drives: A to Z.
read this:***how to speed up your computer****
hope this post will sure help you if you have any suggestion plese writte in comment.


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Lock XP Workstation

Posted by mohan desai on જૂન 13, 2009

today i am here with another simple tricks
You can lock your XP workstation with two clicks of the mouse.
Create a new shortcut on your desktop using a right mouse click, and enter ‘rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation’ in the location field. Give the shortcut a name you like.
That’s it — just double click on it and your computer will be locked.
And if that’s not easy enough,

Windows key + L will do the same.

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Run program as different user

Posted by mohan desai on જૂન 13, 2009

You can run a program as a different user without logging out and back in again. *Right click the icon,*select Run As… and enter the user name and password you want to use.
This only applies for that run.
The trick is particularly useful if you need to have administrative permissions to install a program, which many require.
Note: that you can have some fun by running programs multiple times on the same system as different users, but this can have unforeseen effects.
Read more tricks about xp:

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