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Text advertising

Posted by mohan desai on મે 9, 2009

In ext Advertising is when certain keywords on your website or blogare used as means of advertising. The Advertisements appears in a linkform which when clicked will bring you to the Advertisers website orproduct page. These type of Advertisement can be very useful and can also genrate revenue for the publisher with very limited work.
The advertiser’s ads are only displayed when a reader passes the mouse over or clicks on selected hypertext links. Upon clicking the hypertext link, a small window is displayed containing information related to the hypertext words. The hypertext appearance is usually different than the style used for non advertiser links.
For example, a web page with information on auto insurance may have the words “automobile insurance quote” associated with an advertiser’s hyperlink. Upon clicking the link, a small window with more information on automobile insurance is displayed. The advertiser may be an insurance company, an agent or an auto dealer. If the reader further clicks on the pop up to find out more information, the webmaster earns money. The amount of money each ad generates depends upon the type of site, amount of traffic and the advertiser.
there are large number of advetisr in this filed for eg. AdBrite , INFOLINKS

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