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Spice C-5300 CDMA Mobile Phone

Posted by mohan desai on જુલાઇ 15, 2009

Spice C-5300 mobileSpice Mobile launches its latest mobile device called the C-segment in 5300 in the open market CDMA. This phone provides CDMA all users in India a unique mobile experience in a variety of entertainment package. Consumers have the freedom to choose their service provider and also benefit from many innovative features

Among these, one touch torch, FM recording, digital camera, MP3 player, expandable memory and more. This new product is ready to take the market by storm CDMA segment. Consumers can capture brilliant photos with the integrated digital camera. For music lovers, there is an FM recorder and MP3 player.
The mobile includes an expandable memory and long battery 1000mAh. All information and data can be viewed on the large screen of 4.5 cm. Restoration of Indian audiences, the phone can also choose to communicate in Hindi language. The device also comes with a USB card reader free.
Thanks to the customizable home screen, consumers can change or add menus on the home screen as and when they wish. The unit is fully equipped with a mobile monitor which allows you to find where the phone is stolen or lost. It also allows users to block unwanted calls from any number to call blacklist. Spice C-5300 mobile phone will cost Rs.3549 customers.


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