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orkut started asvertisement

Posted by mohan desai on જૂન 8, 2009

few days ago i seen an advertisemnt on orkut, this is realy great that orkut had started advertisement, because orkut is leading social networking site in india.and this is one of the most used site in india.

Today, people are crazy about social networking sites like Orkut and I myself have seen people competing against each other on highest number of scraps, “testimonials” and “friends”. There are profile pages on Facebook that became hugely popular and were later converted in fan pages. Now, here is a huge amount of traffic I am talking about. Say, Meg Ryan creates a profile on a SNS (Social Networking Site). Isn’t her profile bound to get a large number of visitors and friend requests? We shall all agree that this huge influx of traffic is all because of Meg’s fame. In this scenario, isn’t it appropriate that it should be Ms. Ryan who gets the earnings on her page and not the concerned SNS?

now you can also put your ad on orkut and get your target audience, you can put your ad at top & right.
for more details about advertisement on orkut visit there offical page: Advertise with Orkut

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