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Solve Install msn on windows 7

Posted by mohan desai on ઓગસ્ટ 1, 2009

install MSN on windows 7 without any proublem here i am sharing some tips with you


You can choose messenger from the installer…

  1. DOWNLOAD :Windows Live Messenger 2009 (build 14 0 8064 206) by hk-47 Torrent,You can select what you require from the installer.
what happens is this, you download the 3 files….

2. you read the readme, install everything, (Apatch is optional, it just deletes the adds and allows u to run more than one msn at once and stuff)
3. then it works how ever you cannot minimize it to the taskbar thingo, but ive figured that out to
4. to minimize it to the task bar thingo, just find the msnsgr.exe thingo (sorry im in a hurry got a SAC to revise for), should be in

> C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Messenger <
then you make it compatible with vista, by rite clicking, properietes and then going to compatibality then yeah, select vista then it will work…


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