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sony walkman NWZ W202 review

Posted by mohan desai on જુલાઇ 18, 2009

The MP3 player market is full of innovative gadgets, and the new Sony Walkman NWZ-W202 is one such device. Most of the wireless MP3 player uses the stereo Bluetooth technology but the Sony goes one step beyond that by building the MP3 player inside the headphones. The W202 solves all the issues of a wireless MP3 player that arises due to the problem of RF and Bluetooth.
The $69 Sony Walkman NWZ-W202 is designed with earbud-style headphones and provides storage of 2GB. The music player comes in two color variants – pink and black.The W202 consists of two rectangular-shaped audio modules. Each audio module is 2 inches long, 0.8-inch wide and 0.4-inch deep. Both modules are attached with each other with the help of a flexible neckband. Weighing just 1.3 ounces, the W202 is the smallest and lightest MP3 player available in the market at the moment.Though the device is very small, there is no issue regarding the secure fit. You don’t need to worry that the device would fall while jogging, walking or jumping as it fits securely in the ears. The device comes with three pairs of different sized silicone eartips, one of which will definitely fit your ears.As the music player is built inside the earphones, the user interface has to be untraditional. As there is not screen, the navigation becomes a bit tricks and it requires a lot of time to get used to. By default, the W202 plays the music in alphanumeric order but you can also play the music in shuffle mode by pressing the dedicated shuffle control, which is located inside the right earpiece. The bottom spine of the right earpiece houses all the controls, which include volume rocker and jog dial.As expected, there are very few extras other than the basic audio playback. But there are a few niceties such as a feature which Sony calls Zappin. This unique feature allows you to browse through the songs by playing a snippet of the chorus of each track.The snippet can be as long as 10 seconds, and if you want to play a song while listening to the snippets, just press the jog button. Another unique feature is the “quick-charge”, which provides 90 minutes of audio playback with a mere recharge of 3 minutes. Last but not the least; you just need to stick both the earpiece together to power off the device. The W202 supports MP3, AAC, and WMA music file formats. The W202 has rated battery life of 12 hours.

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Make Mp3 Files Smaller Without Losing Quality

Posted by mohan desai on મે 24, 2009

if you have mp3 songs in your pc or mobile than it will take more space of your hard drive, and if you compress than it will loss the quality of it so now what to do?

anwser is so simple just read this arcticale

If you don’t have a copy of MusicMatch Jukebox, download it from musicmatch.com. The “Plus” version has more features and burns CDs faster, but the free version works just fine for converting files

follow this step to convert your Mp3 Song Without Losing Quality:

  • Install music match box and then restart your computer if it asks.
  • open music matchbox and click file convert files
  • in the bottom right hand corner called ‘destination type’ change it to mp3 pro.
  • you can edit the bitrate but the higher the bitrate the bigger the size
  • choose the songs you want to convert and click start

*if you want to try something different repeat step one and 2 and instead of making the destintion type mp3 pro make it ‘mp3pro vbr’
again the lower the setting the smaller the size.

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