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Review of Infolinks

Posted by mohan desai on મે 9, 2009

Infolinks is an in-Text advertising service that allows you to quickly and easily make money off your website’s or Blog content.
Infolinks acts as a middle man that make the arrangements with all of the advertisers so you don’t have to letting you just focus on earning money.
About few month ago i was approached by infolinks to start using their in-text Advertising service at the time i was using another in-Text advertising service called kontera and AdBrite (i am still using AdBrite on my other blog) once i started using their service. It’s extremely simple to setup on your website or blog.
They provides full detailed reports summary for every day. And it’s pretty relevant for the most part. when it comes to setting infolinks upon your website all you need to do is copy the java script code they provide for you into either the Header or Footer of your site.
Overall infolinks is a solid service that provide and quick and easy way to generate money online through in text advertising.
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