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Now YouTube is available in Hindi

Posted by mohan desai on ઓગસ્ટ 16, 2009

YouTube is great source to watch online video and it is used by worldwide and YouTube is also very famous in India,

And that’s the reason Now YouTube is available in HINDI,
NOW we can watch our favorite video site YouTube in Hindi

LINK: Goto – YouTube to view YouTube’s Hindi version.

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Indian Railways To Go Wi-Fi!

Posted by mohan desai on જુલાઇ 31, 2009

Ministery of Railways has decided to set Wi-Fi Internet system in selected trains only. Internet services facility by using Wi-Fi system was firstly demonstrated in Mumbai-Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express train from 11 January to 24 January 2009 on trial basis. It was successful trial as minister of state for Railways E. Ahmed told in Parliament in a written reply last week.
Apart from regular Internet usage, passangers will also be used real-time television through IPTV, on-demand movies, on-board train reservations, passangers information and VOIP services.

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Withdraw funds from PayPal to Indian banks

Posted by mohan desai on જુલાઇ 30, 2009

PayPal allows you to withdraw money directly into your Indian bank account for free if you are withdrawing more than Rs.7,000. If it is less, it charges Rs. 50 as fee. This is the better way than requesting cheque because it takes few weeks to deliver, a month for realization, and more over PayPal charges $5 fee and your bank charges approximately Rs.150 to Rs. 250 for clearing international cheque.

Follow these steps to withdraw funds from PayPal to Indian banks:

Log into PayPal and click the link “Withdraw” Then, select the option “Withdraw funds to your bank account” and click “Add Bank Account” It will ask First name, Last name, Bank Name, IFSC code, and Account Number. The thing in question here is IFSC code.

IFSC is Indian Financial System Code assigned by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for every bank branch for easiness in transferring funds and communication. If you have an ICICI account, you can see the IFSC code printed on the cheque book itself. Get the list of participating banks and its branch codes in an xls sheet by clicking here. This is the link to the main listing page where you can find the updated list in case if it is updated by RBI and you are not able to get the XLS sheet. IFSC code is an 11-digit character and numeric code and looks like BKID0003322, which is an IFSC code for Bank of India, Gandhigram branch in Gujarat State. 3322 is the branch code and BKID is the bank code. Enter the appropriate IFSC code for your branch followed by your account number. You can also confirm it with your bank branch. After that you can select the amount to withdraw into your bank account, which readily converted into Indian rupees and showed to proceed with withdrawal.

Once you are done, you will get the money directly into your bank account in three to seven business days. I have tried to transfer the money to an ICICI account and it took only three days for getting the money. Still have questions? Post in comments.

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Google sms channel:send free sms on any number

Posted by mohan desai on જુલાઇ 29, 2009

Google India announced free service called Google sms channel,
If you are based in India than easily use this service at free you can received and send sms free any where in India,
you can also subscribe to news alert, blog update, and other information like cricket live score, jokes, stocks update, horoscope via sms,
This service is same like smsgupshup; smsgupshup has really good popularity in India, But now Google offering you this service with more than 150 charts. And smsgupshup only giving you 100 charts. and lots of advertisement there, where Google are not publishing any ad on sms, this is a major advantage of this service,
you can easily create your group and post sms, people joining your group and they get sms when ever you publish sms in your group, and there is totally security of your number, subscriber get sms from 9870807070, this is a common number to receive sms,
Google SMS Channels, currently available for Indian phone number only, soon may be available for others countries,this service is available in English, Hindi, Tamil, etc

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Samsung Launches Lavender Series of LCD Monitors

Posted by mohan desai on જુલાઇ 21, 2009

Samsung India has announced the launch of its series of ‘Lavender’ LCD monitors in the Indian market. The stylish Lavender series LCD monitor is available in 21.5-inches and 23-inches screen sizes. According to Samsung, the monitors offer consumers ‘Complete Display Solutions’ for entertainment and business needs.Samsung is touting the Lavender Series LCD monitors for its ‘Touch of Color’ (ToC) design (which is basically the addition of a bit of red blended into the otherwise plain black finish of the LCD frame). It is available with performance features including a dynamic contrast ratio of 50,000:1, a response time of just 2 milliseconds, a viewing angle of 170 degrees/160 degrees — in a 16:9 widescreen format. These features make it ideal for multimedia, especially high definition content. According to Samsung, the widescreen format display monitors are fast becoming popular with consumers. The Lavender series of LCD monitors has a slimmer ‘neck’ compared to conventional models and even has front on-screen display (OSD) touch buttons that emit a red glow from under the panel. The Lavender series is built not built with non-biodegradable components in the manufacture of the exterior panels. The monitors are said to be 100 percent recyclable and environmentally friendly. In keeping with this eco-friendly manufacturing process, the monitors consume less than one watt of power in the ‘power off’ mode. Just like any other flat panel display, the entire Lavender series is also wall mountable, thereby saving precious workspace.

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BSNL and Hungama to offer unlimited music download

Posted by mohan desai on જુલાઇ 18, 2009

Telecom Company BSNL has tied up with digital music distribution company Hungama Digital Media to launch on-demand digital entertainment portal, BSNL.Hungama.com.
The service is based on subscription basis and is locked only for BSNL subscribers. Users can get unlimited music downloads for Rs 149 per month and for Rs 49 per month they can get unlimited game downloads.
According to the site, conceived by Hungama, users access to over 65,000 songs, latest movie albums and 2000 music videos for download across various genres including Bollywood, devotional and regional languages. Hungama has tied up with close to 50 music labels including Yash Raj, T-series, Eros and a host of other regional music labels.
Announcing the new venture in Mumbai on Friday, Hungama Digital Media MD and CEO Neeraj Roy said, “We are very excited about our partnership with BSNL. It has close to four million broadband users and covers 70 per cent of the country’s internet traffic. Hence it is on board. We are looking forward to introducing many more such services and offerings.”
The service was soft launched a few months ago, though the top brass of the company which was present at the launch, refused to share any numbers.
Hungama COO Sidhartha Roy refused to divulge the revenue model structured between the telco and the content providers and said, “The revenue sharing is very positive and evenly balanced. BSNL has been extremely forthcoming and we are thankful to them. We have a much better deal from government telco as compared with private telcos.”
BSNL MD and chairman Kuldeep Goyal said, “We are continuously aiming to introduce new value added products and services to our subscribers to enrich their entertainment experience.”

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Toshiba Satellite M500 Entertainment Laptop

Posted by mohan desai on જુલાઇ 18, 2009

Toshiba India today announced the availability of a new offering in their Premier Series—the Satellite M500. This new laptop is aimed at home use, and multimedia enthusiasts will be pleased by the 14-inch display with a resolution of 1366×768. While not Full-HD, the 16:9 aspect ratio means that movies won’t have black bars on the top and bottom.The M500 comes with a choice of Intel Core 2 Duo processors and a minimum of 3 GB of RAM. It also includes a webcam, 5-in-1 card reader, a DVD-RW drive, Harmon Kardon speakers, and a backlit keyboard. A unique feature is the inclusion of Toshiba’s REGAZA-Link. This allows the laptop to be controlled with a TV’s remote control when connected via HDMI. Unfortunately, this will only work with Toshiba’s own TVs. The touchpad features multi-touch, and the laptop also has a fingerprint scanner.The M500 is priced from Rs. 53,490

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Sony launches wireless walkman for Rs 4990 in India

Posted by mohan desai on જુલાઇ 15, 2009

Sony India on Tuesday said it planned to become the biggest player in the Indian MP3 market by capturing 30 per cent market share by 2010.
The company also launched innovative wireless MP3 player, NWZ-W202, mainly targeted at the young generation.
“We aim to achieve a market share of 30 per cent in the estimated 9-lakh units in the Indian MP3 market. To achieve this, we will keep launching more innovative products and expand our sales network. We are also planning an aggressive strategy for the purpose,” Sony India Managing Director Masaru Tamagawa said at a press conference here.
Sony India plans to sell 1.8 lakh MP3 units by year 2010, while its sales last year stood at around 85,000 units. It now enjoys 20 per cent share in the Indian MP3 market.
Stating that the company would be increasing its retail presence to 3,000 outlets, including company-owned centres, multi-brand stores and modern retail chains, Mr. Tamagawa said: “Our products are present in around 1,000 outlets across the country which include Sony centres, multi-brand stores and other modern retail”.
He also said that Sony India had increased its marketing expenditure to Rs. 10 crore for 2009 for executing promotional initiatives, including print and TV commercials and other online and outdoor activities

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Spice C-5300 CDMA Mobile Phone

Posted by mohan desai on જુલાઇ 15, 2009

Spice C-5300 mobileSpice Mobile launches its latest mobile device called the C-segment in 5300 in the open market CDMA. This phone provides CDMA all users in India a unique mobile experience in a variety of entertainment package. Consumers have the freedom to choose their service provider and also benefit from many innovative features

Among these, one touch torch, FM recording, digital camera, MP3 player, expandable memory and more. This new product is ready to take the market by storm CDMA segment. Consumers can capture brilliant photos with the integrated digital camera. For music lovers, there is an FM recorder and MP3 player.
The mobile includes an expandable memory and long battery 1000mAh. All information and data can be viewed on the large screen of 4.5 cm. Restoration of Indian audiences, the phone can also choose to communicate in Hindi language. The device also comes with a USB card reader free.
Thanks to the customizable home screen, consumers can change or add menus on the home screen as and when they wish. The unit is fully equipped with a mobile monitor which allows you to find where the phone is stolen or lost. It also allows users to block unwanted calls from any number to call blacklist. Spice C-5300 mobile phone will cost Rs.3549 customers.

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Idea ties up with Babajob to cater to recruitment information needs of informal segment

Posted by mohan desai on જુલાઇ 15, 2009

Idea Cellular announced a new tie-up with Babajob.com to offer recruitment information over the mobile medium to the informal and household segment as well as to prospective employers.
The tie-up reasons that over 140 million Indians change jobs every year and currently with the vast majority of these job changes do not happen online i.e. on internet/mobile, especially if they are semi-skilled, unskilled workers, such as home cleaners, drivers and those who work in domestic household segments.
The alliance has developed a solution to enable job-search, job-postings, and talent search, more convenient and organized, for this segment of audience.
While currently the service is available in English and Hindi language, the tie-up plans to include more Indic languages. Access to the first 3 phone numbers is free, every subsequent phone number access will be charged at Re 1 per number. Subscribers can also buy unlimited phone number access for just Rs. 5 (daily), Rs. 15 (weekly), and Rs. 50 (monthly).
Pradeep Shrivastava, Chief Marketing Officer, IDEA Cellular said, “Unlocking the potential of telecom services through innovation and champion VAS ideas has always been a focus for us. We are delighted that over 47 Million IDEA subscribers now have the opportunity to access information with regards to better jobs in the informal sector, and in the process get a breakthrough career option which can change their life”.
Sean Blagsvedt, CEO Babajob.com said, “We are tremendously excited to partner with IDEA as one of India’s most innovative and forward thinking mobile companies and bring our job information to their customers. It represents an important step towards our vision of enabling all Indians – especially those without computer access – to connect with the better jobs and help employers find great informal-sector candidates.”

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