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Windows 7 system requirements

Posted by mohan desai on જુલાઇ 29, 2009

Microsoft’s latest operating system windows 7 is going to hit the market at the end of this year (2009), windows 7 is a the best operating system from Microsoft’s and for that company announced the minimum system requirement to run windows 7 are as follows.
  • 1GHZ Processor (32 bit or 64 bit)
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16 GB of disk space for 32 bit user
  • 20 GB of disk space for 64 bit user
  • direct X9 Graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver

this are the basic system required to run the windows 7, after the huge successes of windows-xp Microsoft has released windows vista, but vista not so popular in the market, there is some really good features in vista and then now Microsoft are ready to launched windows 7, windows 7 is really creating good amount of news on internet and media and it get really good response still now


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World’s First 256GB Flash Drive

Posted by mohan desai on જુલાઇ 23, 2009

Kingston Technology has announced the launch of what it says is the world’s first 256GB USB flash drive, the Kingston Technology DataTraveler 300. The company claims the new drive can store over 50,000 images, 54 DVDs or 365 CDs or “a paper tower over 1km tall” and is angled as ideal for netbook users who want to extend the capacity of their machines. With a “sleek” cap-less design, the drive is Windows Readyboost-happy and can be password protected to safeguard data. Speeds-wise, you’re looking at data transfer rates of up to 20MB per second for reading and 10 for writing. With a 5-year warranty and 24/7 tech support

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LG XF1 HO hum multimedia hard drive

Posted by mohan desai on જુલાઇ 18, 2009

For a portable home theater, an aesthetically pleasing form factor is as important as versatile format support. What we have here is LG’s first mobile multimedia hard drive – XF1. Measuring a 20.8mm in thickness, the XF1 features a gorgeous gloss-black finish with smooth curves, and internally, it has a 500GB and a codec decoder that only reads exclusively FAT32 and NTFS. So, it’s not as Mac-friendly as we would have hoped.
Around the back, you’ll find a HDMI connector, a power plug, a composite AV output, and a mini-USB jack. The drive, unlike the WD TV HD, has on-onboard touch-sensitive buttons for navigation when you forget to bring along a remote. Video and sound codec compatibility are isn’t too shabby, including OGG Vobis and AC3 for audio, but the lack of H.264, WMV and MKV is really a letdown even if the XF1 can playback MPEG-2, DivX and MPEG-4 in HD resolutions, up to 1080i. With choice like LaCie Rugged HD, LG will be fighting an uphill battle if they don’t rectify their mistake

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Transcend StoreJet 18M Portable Hard Drive

Posted by mohan desai on જુલાઇ 15, 2009

Transcend just rolled out its StoreJet 18M shockproof portable hard drive that fully meets rigorous U.S. military drop-test standards (MIL-STD-810F 516.5—Transit Drop). The hard drive connects to your PC or laptop via USB and comes with a OneTouch auto-backup button that will backup and synchronize data instantly. The Transcend StoreJet 18M Portable Hard Drive is currently available in 120GB storage capacity.

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WD AV-GP 2TB hard drive for 24×7 operation

Posted by mohan desai on મે 21, 2009

The 24×7 operation segments such as security and surveillance, media servers, media centers etc. requires large capacity hard drive that consumes minimal amount of power. Today Western Digital came out with a drive that meets the requirements of such segments. The WD 2TB AV-GP line of hard drives not only offers large capacity but also reduces power consumption by as much as 40 percent.
According to WD, the new WD AV-GP 2 TB hard drive is perfect for applications
such as DVRs, media centers, media servers , as well as surveillance video recording that demand a higher capacity hard drive and exceptional reliability

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USB Virus Protection – Stop USB Pen Drives from Automatically Launching Viruses

Posted by mohan desai on મે 16, 2009

USB drives have become a big problem in offices,colleges,hostels. Plug it in and In case your antivirus fails to detect a malicious file or virus in the USB then, the USB drive can be made to automatically start a program the moment it is plugged in. And this is exactly where USB Firewall come into the picture.
USB Firewall alerts a user when a USB peripheral tries to auto start a potentially malicious file. You can then delete the file with the delete button.
As soon as USB FireWall is launching, it works in background task, its window is shown only when one program tries to launch out automatically from an USB peripheral. USB FireWall is a freeware and its functionality is limited, if ever the malicious program is already present in your system, it tries to stop it but a patch or an Antivirus program is much more adapted to this kind of problem.
Just remember to start USB Firewall before you plug a USB into your PC. A must have tool if you don’t have an antivirus. It is Free
[Download USB Firewall ]

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