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Withdraw funds from PayPal to Indian banks

Posted by mohan desai on જુલાઇ 30, 2009

PayPal allows you to withdraw money directly into your Indian bank account for free if you are withdrawing more than Rs.7,000. If it is less, it charges Rs. 50 as fee. This is the better way than requesting cheque because it takes few weeks to deliver, a month for realization, and more over PayPal charges $5 fee and your bank charges approximately Rs.150 to Rs. 250 for clearing international cheque.

Follow these steps to withdraw funds from PayPal to Indian banks:

Log into PayPal and click the link “Withdraw” Then, select the option “Withdraw funds to your bank account” and click “Add Bank Account” It will ask First name, Last name, Bank Name, IFSC code, and Account Number. The thing in question here is IFSC code.

IFSC is Indian Financial System Code assigned by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for every bank branch for easiness in transferring funds and communication. If you have an ICICI account, you can see the IFSC code printed on the cheque book itself. Get the list of participating banks and its branch codes in an xls sheet by clicking here. This is the link to the main listing page where you can find the updated list in case if it is updated by RBI and you are not able to get the XLS sheet. IFSC code is an 11-digit character and numeric code and looks like BKID0003322, which is an IFSC code for Bank of India, Gandhigram branch in Gujarat State. 3322 is the branch code and BKID is the bank code. Enter the appropriate IFSC code for your branch followed by your account number. You can also confirm it with your bank branch. After that you can select the amount to withdraw into your bank account, which readily converted into Indian rupees and showed to proceed with withdrawal.

Once you are done, you will get the money directly into your bank account in three to seven business days. I have tried to transfer the money to an ICICI account and it took only three days for getting the money. Still have questions? Post in comments.


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Earn money with bloging

Posted by mohan desai on જુલાઇ 29, 2009

in today’s world there is easy to earn money online,ther is so many ways to earn online ,first read this full post you may get some idea to earn online, have you heard that your friend or some of your relative are earning huge amount of money from blog, you can also earn money from blog if you have some good knowledge about any niche like tech, insurance, software, or any other filed than you can easily start your blog, if you want to start free blog than you can start with blogger or wordpress, as they are free many pepole starting there first blog with blogger and wordpress and then after they are moving for wordpress self hosting blog,
why wordpress self hosting blog?
because blogger and word press is free and there is not more chance to earn good amount of money from this free blog ,
if you start your blog with word press self host then you can easily earn good amount of money and you have your own .COM domain name but for that you have to pay some amount of money,
you have to buy domain name and webhosting space from webhosting company this is not much costly, you can buy your domain name for $7 to $8 for one year and webhosting space for $4-5 per month and there is option to pay all amount at once there is so many company who is providing Domain name and webhosting space and this company also giving discount so you can buy at very less price. visit our blog regular and get all discount coupon for webhosting and domain.
after that start writing good post for few month and get some good amount of visitors from search engine like Google ,Bing and yahoo. and then after monetize your blog with Google adsense, infolinks, adbrite this are big advertiser who are paying good amount of money, you can also tray affitial marketing and earn good money
hope you get some idea to earn money online
visit regular this blog to get discount coupon for hosting and domain name or subscribe to email news letter to get all details

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Review of Infolinks

Posted by mohan desai on મે 9, 2009

Infolinks is an in-Text advertising service that allows you to quickly and easily make money off your website’s or Blog content.
Infolinks acts as a middle man that make the arrangements with all of the advertisers so you don’t have to letting you just focus on earning money.
About few month ago i was approached by infolinks to start using their in-text Advertising service at the time i was using another in-Text advertising service called kontera and AdBrite (i am still using AdBrite on my other blog) once i started using their service. It’s extremely simple to setup on your website or blog.
They provides full detailed reports summary for every day. And it’s pretty relevant for the most part. when it comes to setting infolinks upon your website all you need to do is copy the java script code they provide for you into either the Header or Footer of your site.
Overall infolinks is a solid service that provide and quick and easy way to generate money online through in text advertising.
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Text advertising

Posted by mohan desai on મે 9, 2009

In ext Advertising is when certain keywords on your website or blogare used as means of advertising. The Advertisements appears in a linkform which when clicked will bring you to the Advertisers website orproduct page. These type of Advertisement can be very useful and can also genrate revenue for the publisher with very limited work.
The advertiser’s ads are only displayed when a reader passes the mouse over or clicks on selected hypertext links. Upon clicking the hypertext link, a small window is displayed containing information related to the hypertext words. The hypertext appearance is usually different than the style used for non advertiser links.
For example, a web page with information on auto insurance may have the words “automobile insurance quote” associated with an advertiser’s hyperlink. Upon clicking the link, a small window with more information on automobile insurance is displayed. The advertiser may be an insurance company, an agent or an auto dealer. If the reader further clicks on the pop up to find out more information, the webmaster earns money. The amount of money each ad generates depends upon the type of site, amount of traffic and the advertiser.
there are large number of advetisr in this filed for eg. AdBrite , INFOLINKS

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AdBrite Review

Posted by mohan desai on મે 9, 2009

AdBrite is a market place to buy and sell Ads. They have been aroundfor a very long time and it shows. AdBrite have very large marketplace.
The mode of Advertisement used by AdBrite is CPC(Cost per click), CPM(Cost per impression) and CPV(cost per view).

  • CPC:This means that the Advertiser pays every time someone clicks andis directed to the site. This method is very effective if the site hasa large number of visitors meaning that they will be able to see theadvert setup for the advert setup for the Advertiser by AdBrite. Everytime they get into the site.
  • CPM: COST PER IMPRESSION or cost per thousand work when AdBrite put upyour Advert and you are charged every time the advert makes animpression.
  • CPV: Cost per view just works as the name suggests. AdBrite willcharge the Advertiser every time the advert is viewed by the client.

Amount made: The least amount one can make with AdBrite is $100 but whenchoosing the publisher can set it to be as lower $5

payment mode and time of payment: AdBrite does their payment via check.They not having facility to payvia paypal. In futer we hope that AdBrite introduce this feature also.The payment is done after every two months.

Ad type: AdBrite run differnt adverts to market the advertiser. These are

  • Text Ad’s
  • Banner Ad’s
  • Rich media Ad’s
  • Full page Ad’s
  • Inline Ad’s
  • Brite pic

what you have to do?: you have to only sing up with AdBrite.Com and than select your adtype. Than you will get HTML code and than copy that code on your siteor blog.It take 3hr to start.

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