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5 Reasons why i love Blogger

Posted by mohan desai on ઓગસ્ટ 17, 2009

It is very difficult to select which is best blogging platform WORDPRESS or BLOGGER Blogging platform

i like blogger because of so many reason below listed 5 reason is major to do blogging with Blogger


Yes as we all know BLOGGER is free platform, it will not charge you a single pany and this is the main reason to do blogging with Blogger platform.

2, owned by GOOGLE:

Blogger is owned by Google and for that Google love there product and Google improved there services

3,Easy to customize :

It is realy good to customize blog, if you have less knowledge about html than also you can easily customize your template


BLOGGER Dashboard is realy good , it is so simple to use, everyone can use it,

5, monetize:

you can monetize your blog with different advertiser like Google adsense and infolinks, it will help you to earn money online


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WORDPRESS or BLOGGER Blogging platform

Posted by mohan desai on ઓગસ્ટ 16, 2009

Now days more people want to start there Blog and they are Confused to choose that which is better platform to start there first blog,

which platform should use Blogger or WORDPRESS ?

lets see one by one key function


Blogger is free service provided by internet big daddy Google and it is free service to start Blog, it will take few second to sinup for new blog and in mines you blog is ready,
you have to stay with YOURBLOG.BLOGSPOT.COM, THIS is sub domain provided by Blogger, you can buy domain name later like .com and .net,
Blogger has now good collection of template you can easily use it for your blog.
Blogger is owned by Google and there is chance if they not like your blog than they can delete your blog forever at any time and you may in struggle because you done lot’s of work to write good post and they all deleted.
you don’t have full control on your blog.


If you choose WORDPRESS as your bloging platform than it is good because wordpress self host blog you have full control on your Blog.
you have to pay some money to buy web hosting and Domain name, it is very less amount and anyone can start it,
there is very large amount of themes as compared to Blogger and you can also buy premium them what you like ,
you have full control on your Blog so you can do anything with your blog,

Now if you don’t want to pay any money than start your blog with Blogger and if you want to start your blog like professional than select wordpress self host Blog

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Arthemia Blogger Template

Posted by mohan desai on ઓગસ્ટ 3, 2009

Preview | Download

today i am here with one of the best Blogger template Arthemia , it is a free professional magazine style theme designed by Michael Jubel and was converted to Blogger Template


  • Two/Three columns depend on your customization
  • professional design with magazine style
  • Built-in search box
  • Nice drop down menu
  • Three footer widgets
  • adready (468×60)
  • Google Adsense ready(300×250 rectangle, 120×600 sidebar)

for customization visit here

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Digital Statement Blogger Template

Posted by mohan desai on ઓગસ્ટ 1, 2009

Digital Statement Blogger Template is one of the best magazine style blogger templates, because it has good features like two or three coloum you can adjust according to your needs, this Template showing related comments to all post,

Key Features of Digital Statement Blogger Template

* Customizable as two column or three column template
* Featured Post integration
* Sidebar tab for Recent posts, comments and popular posts
* Another sidebar tab for Archives, Categories (Labels) and Tags cloud
* Footer widget location for more customization
* Two navbar rows to show important links, categories or Adsense ads
* Automatic ‘Read More’ expandable post feature integration
* Integrated search box on the header
* Shows related posts under each blog post
* Author comments are automatically highlighted in comments section

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How to add a retweet button in your blog

Posted by mohan desai on જુલાઇ 29, 2009

We all know the power of twitter, now a day’s twitter is more popular around the world Twitter a micro blogging concept is great source of traffic, like digg this retweet button is made for blog to encourage visitors to send your content on twitter, more retweet means more traffic, Use below given java script, it is so easy to add in templates just follow the step,
Note: first take backup of your templates,

Follow these simple steps:

1. Go to Layout->Edit Html

2. Download Full Template

3. Check the Expand Widget Templates

4. Search for the code below:

search for this line and paste the below code after it (this will show the button in top of your post, for showing the button in the end of post add it after that line)

For a Large button use this code:

tweetmeme_url = ”;tweetmeme_source = ‘mohitmohan’;

tweetmeme_url =
”;tweetmeme_source =

For a small button use this code:

tweetmeme_style = “compact”;tweetmeme_source = ‘mohitmohan’;

tweetmeme_style =
“compact”;tweetmeme_source = ‘mohitmohan’;

Now remember to chacnge mohitmohan with your Twitter username, so that you can know who has tweeted your article.

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creating a Blog

Posted by mohan desai on મે 1, 2009

you do not have to be a web guru to start a blog , its so easy any one can create blog
here are some step by step information to create a blog.
There is a wide range of blogging tools out there. Some free, some not. you can try from BLOGGER,WORDPREES,Typepad, and there is long list.
you haven’t noticed, I’m using a tool called: Blogger

i know you are thinking that why BLOGGER ?

Why Blogger?
Well for a few reasons:
1.) It’s Free!
2.) It’s a breeze to setup and
3.) Google owns it. Yeah, the same Google that’s helping us to find what we want. the gient serch enggine.
Ok, so you have your blog topic (or maybe not but you will soon…right?) I’m going to get you hooked up to the service in no more than 10 minutes (times will vary for animals and small children). At the end of this you’ll be ready to start writing up some content, free of charge.
Here are step to create blog follow this
1.) Go to Blogger and sign in with your Google account. If you don’t use any Google services like Gmail you can create a new account here.
2.) Click on the “Create Your Blog Now” button arrow on the bottom right and fill in the information

3.) Name your blog and give it an address. Make sure the name is meaningful and not too long.

4.) Choose from one of the many templates available

5.) Your blog has been created!

Now wasn’t that painless? In a matter of minutes you have reserved some real estate on the Internet
.I would suggest doing some exploring on your own at this point. Get a sense of the tools available to you and I’ll go into further detail in the near future. Have fun!

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