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AdBrite Review

Posted by mohan desai on મે 9, 2009

AdBrite is a market place to buy and sell Ads. They have been aroundfor a very long time and it shows. AdBrite have very large marketplace.
The mode of Advertisement used by AdBrite is CPC(Cost per click), CPM(Cost per impression) and CPV(cost per view).

  • CPC:This means that the Advertiser pays every time someone clicks andis directed to the site. This method is very effective if the site hasa large number of visitors meaning that they will be able to see theadvert setup for the advert setup for the Advertiser by AdBrite. Everytime they get into the site.
  • CPM: COST PER IMPRESSION or cost per thousand work when AdBrite put upyour Advert and you are charged every time the advert makes animpression.
  • CPV: Cost per view just works as the name suggests. AdBrite willcharge the Advertiser every time the advert is viewed by the client.

Amount made: The least amount one can make with AdBrite is $100 but whenchoosing the publisher can set it to be as lower $5

payment mode and time of payment: AdBrite does their payment via check.They not having facility to payvia paypal. In futer we hope that AdBrite introduce this feature also.The payment is done after every two months.

Ad type: AdBrite run differnt adverts to market the advertiser. These are

  • Text Ad’s
  • Banner Ad’s
  • Rich media Ad’s
  • Full page Ad’s
  • Inline Ad’s
  • Brite pic

what you have to do?: you have to only sing up with AdBrite.Com and than select your adtype. Than you will get HTML code and than copy that code on your siteor blog.It take 3hr to start.


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